Get Ahead of the Pack with an Online Biology Degree

In recent years biology has come out of the classroom and plays a crucial role in a wide range of business and technology activities. An online biology degree can be the ticket to a challenging and rewarding career in the sciences. The science of biology deals with life–with living plants and animals and how they live and interact.

It’s a growing field. Industry and other non-research positions in biology now number about 80,000 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And demand is growing daily. With an online biology degree you can find career opportunities in the booming field of biotechnology as agricultural firms increasingly need skilled personnel to implement and manage new genetically engineered food crops and livestock. Some of the most interesting possibilities open to you if you have an online biology degree stem from the growing importance of understanding and managing the environment. Studying the ecological effects of climate change on crop production, monitoring the health and population of endangered species, and studying the effects of human incursion into wildlife habitats are just three examples of careers that are growing in importance. The Bureau of labor Statistics predicts that the demand for biologists will keep growing for years to come.

What does it take to get an online biology degree? It’s a diverse area of study. You’ll take courses in chemistry and physics as well as biology. An undergraduate degree can be the ticket to jobs in public policy, wildlife or livestock management, and many other fields. If you choose to specialize a graduate online biology degree can prepare you for careers in marine biology, policy management, ecology, and many other areas.


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