How to Become a Nutritionist

What is a Nutritionist?

A nutritionist is responsible for planning healthy menus and meal plans, as well as supervising how the meal is prepared and how it is served. They work hard to ensure that a healthy lifestyle is encouraged, as well as working to prevent sickness and illness by eating good foods. Besides showing the patient what types of foods are good for them, they also help to change the patient’s how to become a nutritionist - what is a nutritionisteating habits that may be keeping them from being healthy. For example, if the patient has a certain condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure, they can help the patient learn what types of foods and meals are good for them so their condition does not get worse. They can also help them learn to cook their food in a way so that it does not affect condition.

How Long Does One Have to Go to School to Be a Nutritionist?

To become a nutritionist, one will need at least a bachelor’s degree in dietetics or other food and nutrition courses. Some states may also require special certificates or licenses for some professions. For those who want to continue their education to the highest degree, there are graduate programs one may take part in. While in college, one will need to take classes and courses in subjects such as nutrition, foods, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, biology and physiology. Some other courses that can be of great help to being a nutritionist include psychology, sociology, statistics, and business. If one is in high school and is interested in becoming a nutritionist, they can start preparing by taking special food prep classes, as well as classes such as biology and health.

What Kind of Jobs Can a Nutritionist Get?

There are a number of different places a nutritionist can get employment. One of the most common places where nutritionists work is in hospitals or surgical centers. Another place where jobs are readily available are nursing homes and assisted-living facilities. Outpatient care centers, as well as special services including food services are other places nutritionists can get jobs at. Top paying jobs for nutritionists can be found at places such as home health care agencies or vocational rehabilitation services. States where nutritionists make the most amount of money currently are Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey, with Hawaii and California next in line.

How Much Do Nutritionists Get Paid?

As with any profession, wages will vary depending upon several different factors including what state one is employed in, how much experience they have and what sort of facility or agency they are working for. Currently, on average, a nutritionist usually makes at least $38,000 per year, while some can easily make up to over $60,000 a year. In Maryland, some nutritionists are making over $80,000 a year. Generally, the more schooling you have, as well as any special certification, will help you get a higher salary.

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