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1. Why did you decide to go back to college?
2. How old were you when you went back to college (or started college for the first time later in life)?
3. What is your current age?
4. Are you?
5. What is/was your grade level when you went back?
6. How did you choose a college or university?

7. What kind of college did/do you attend (or plan to attend)?
8. Did/Do you attend full-time or part-time?
9. How satisfied were you with the class schedules offered at your chosen college?
10. The best time of day for you to attend college is/was:
11. The best day(s) of the week for you to attend class is:
12. Did/Do you worry about being able to learn something new?
13. How did you pay for college?
14. Before College, what is/was your employment status?
15. Did/do you plan to do internships while in college?
16. If so, were you concerned about your age while seeking internships?
17. Do you have children in your household?
18. If so, what age(s)?
19. What is your marital status?
20. How did you hear about
21. How many hours weekly do you spend online?
22. In reference to your home situation, do you?

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