Associate’s Degree or Bachelor’s Degree

Putting an Associate’s Degree next to a Bachelor’s Degree is like mixing apples and oranges and not expecting to see a difference. There is no way a two-year program can cover the same material as a four-year, more in-depth program. Each program comes with its very own positive and negative quotations and some serious thinking and evaluating needs to be done when making decisions on education.

The positive is that a two-year, Associate’s Degree program is not necessarily the end of your studies, but allows you to join the workforce sooner with the option of transferring into the more extended program of a Bachelor’s Degree and an even greater future. Two-year colleges are a lot more feasible in a time of financial hardship and it leaves all options possible for the future.

Definitely, a disadvantage is the fact that these early graduates might trample the job market and that can bring down wages in some sectors. Also, it is possible that some employers will start to favor hiring those with a four-year degree, so things can take a different turn than what you expect at the start of the two-year program. Competition becomes a serious stressor.

The main advantage of attending a four-year program is definitely the fact that this venue is the path to ultimate earnings. With a four-year program under your belt, you become a lot more desirable when applying for jobs. It means that you have proven that you can succeed and employers prefer to hire winners. Charisma goes up when you can work yourself up to the top of the educational ladder and you will make your possible employer more aware that hiring you is the thing to do. Walking into a job interview with a Bachelor’s Degree will make you feel good about yourself and potential employers will notice your professionalism.

The major negative aspect of a four-year, Bachelor’s Degree is the fact that it initially puts a financial strain on you and your family. Before you get started, you should evaluate and decide if you want to go through the challenges of going back to college for the sake of the long-term benefits. You should decide between a two-year and a four-year program based on your circumstances right now, but I hope that in the end you will progress to the Bachelor’s Degree program and pave your path to make it to the top.

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