Careers with an English Degree

In 10th grade, a wise English teacher once told our class, “An English degree will get you anywhere you want to go. There are literally hundreds of jobs that demand impeccable English skills.”

It is quite true when you think about it. No one wants to hire a person who cannot communicate and speak properly. With an English Literature or English language degree, you will develop skills that any company would treat as invaluable. Anywhere you look, a company would gladly hire someone who encompasses the core disciplines of English. English majors can have a career in media, management, public relations, public speaking, become a CEO of a major corporation, journalism, and the most needed, teaching. Of course, your options never end there! There is much more to explore with careers in the English and Literature field.

More often than not, students claim that an English Literature degree is a “useless” degree. No degree is ever useless, especially if they carry some very important career options with them. Students with a degree in English Literature tend to have a passion for what they are doing. Someone doesn’t wake up and decide to go into this field; they had to have grown with it, and loved it for quite some time.

Literature is also more than “one” thing. It includes the studies of cultures, history, art, gender, philosophy, and allows you to have a broader window when choosing a career with this degree. Holding an English Literature degree will allow you to apply for law school or medical school, and more than likely get accepted.

In addition to all of that, technology companies are seeking employees who have exceptional writing skills and knowledge about other cultures.

For those that want to save the world, English teachers are in high demand all around the globe. It doesn’t pay as much as other careers, but it gives you that heartwarming feeling that only teaching could bring to your life. If you are afraid of teaching overseas, you could teach in your own town, or in an inner city. In the 21st century, students are in desperate need of quality teachers that can help them learn what they need to learn.

Overall, an English Literature degree has few career options that will close its doors to you. There are never-ending options, and something for anyone who holds a passion for what they do.


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