Life Experience Degree, Only, Required at New Job Website

October 8, 2008

With his “life experience degree,” founder Todd Lowe knew he wanted a career in sales, but sales jobs were not easy to get since he had no formal college degree. However, he eventually became an outstanding personality with a sales career and has delivered outstanding results for his employers, although career progress seemed hard to reach. But thanks to CNBC’s “The Big Idea – Donny Deustch,” he was pushed to think about his career, and how to advance it, specifically.

Todd Lowe launched after CNBC’s Donny Deutsch inspired him. While watching, Lowe felt like Donny was speaking directly with him, saying, “Find something that ticks you off and that’s a business opportunity.”

Lowe became discouraged when employers didn’t hire him because he did not have a college degree. He points out that almost 70 percent of Americans, who are of working-age, do not have a degree, citing popular personalities like Mary Kay, Bill Gates, Rachel Ray and Sam Walton.

“It had always ticked me off that employers couldn’t see the value of my street smarts and the lack of a college degree always shut the doors of opportunity,” said Lowe. “I was also frustrated with job search websites. All I found were job ads that stated college degree required or at least preferred. I felt like those sites were not for me. I just became increasingly frustrated.”

There was an instance when a well-respected physician recommended Lowe for a sales job in a well-known biotech company, but he failed after learning that a degree was required to land the job. He later entered a company where he earned a six-figure income.

Lowe states that there are employers who visit the site who value “street smart” employees, rather than those with college degrees and who possibly lack the motivation to become successful. Success is not just intended for people who have earned college degrees. In the real world, motivation and dedication lead a person to the path of success.

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