Top Ten Jobs Requiring a Two-Year Degree

November 18, 2009

Over time, a two-year degree has proved to be much more than a stepping-stone to a Bachelor’s or Master’s. The career options for two-year grads are vast and varied. Here’s a list from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics on the top ten jobs that require a two-year degree:

top ten jobsComputer Specialist: A Computer Specialist is an expert who provides technical consultation to users, and also offers assistance in the daily maintenance of computer systems and networks.

Dental Hygienist: A Dental Hygienist works under the direct supervision of a dentist and teaches patients proper oral health care, including preventative care and maintenance. Depending on state regulations, some hygienists can also become licensed to administer anesthesia, clean teeth and provide tooth whitening and other restorative techniques.

Fashion Designer: A Fashion Designer conceptualizes and designs clothing, shoes and accessories by studying fashion trends, fabrics, patterns and production.

Registered Nurse: A Registered Nurse’s duties vary greatly depending upon the chosen workplace, but all RNs evaluate and treat medical conditions by analyzing a patient’s medical history, performing diagnostic tests and administering medications and rehabilitation recommendations. Oftentimes, an RN also provides emotional support to patients and their families.

Environmental Engineering Technician: An Environmental Engineering Technician assists environmental engineers in the development of methods to monitor and correct all types of environmental hazards.

Radiologic Technologist/Technician: A Radiologic Technologist administers x-ray examinations. They also prepare patients by clearly explaining the procedure, positioning them properly, and protecting surrounding areas of the body from exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

Industrial Engineering Technician: An Industrial Engineering Technician assists engineers and scientists in research and development in areas of industry. They can have several different specializations, such as logistics, production design, quality, or sales.

Paralegal/Legal Assistant: A Paralegal or Legal Assistant provides administrative support to a lawyer, law firm or governmental agency. Working under the direct supervision of a lawyer, a paralegal assists in completing the legal work which is fundamental in sustaining a successful practice.

Occupational Therapy Assistant: An Occupational Therapist Assistant works under the guidance of an occupational therapist. As a part of a team, an Occupational Therapist Assistant plays a vital role in teaching patients with physical or mental disabilities to perform everyday tasks.

Computer Support Specialist: A Computer Support Specialist provides technical assistance, support, and advice to computer customers or users.

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