Laid Off Workers Have a Chance at Getting Rehired

November 30, 2009

Laid off workers have a 9 in 10 shot at getting rehired according to a study by Right Management, who offers talent and career management. Employers say that they will rehire former employees because they already know the ropes of the company.

laid off workers“Despite continuing layoffs, organizations are facing a very real talent mismatch,” said Melvin Scales, Senior Vice President at Right Management. “While the potential labor pool may have expanded recently, these workers don’t necessarily have the skills or experience some employers need to deliver on business goals. Our parent company, Manpower, identified that as many as 19 percent of US employers are currently having difficulty filling positions due to lack of suitable talent.”

Let’s look at the details of why former, laid off workers are rehired:

* 37 percent of companies say because they are familiar with the job.
* 33 percent understand the company culture
* 20 percent minimize the likelihood of a bad hire
* 10 percent do not rehire former employees

Scales also states that companies may rehire employees because they realize that they have “cut too deep” with the last round of layoffs.

1,161 employers participated in the survey.

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