Internships for College Students Can be a Real Starbuck

September 4, 2008

Internships for college students can be hit or miss. On the one hand, a student can learn a lot about his or her chosen field. On the other hand, a college student can learn a lot about the countless flavors that Starbucks offer. Sounds interesting, huh? These two college students don’t think so.

Two Boston University college students, Lauren Grunstein and Stephanie Gurtman, feel the pain of internship hunting. So much so, they launched a Web site,, to tell you about it. Other college students can tell you about it too.

College students can anonymously rate, research and compare internships, within many industries, across the United States. Ratings include salary information, corporate culture and networking oppurtunities. Students can also comment further to provide information that is more detailed.

Among the company listings are AOL, ABC, MTV, XM Satellite Radio and Lehman Brothers.

The founders have big plans for the site they hope will encourage the exchange of information, including an internship consultant to assist companies that were rated poorly.

Visit to find out more or to share your information.


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