Job Board Eliminates Resume Searching

May 22, 2008 eliminated resume searching to its clients because of the risk of identity theft and spam mail.

“We’ve become increasingly concerned about the ability of our staff and the job board industry as a whole to protect the interests of the candidates who use our sites,” said Steven Rothberg, president and founder of “Those who post their resumes to or any other job board have a legitimate right to expect their data to be safeguarded.”

According to Rothberg, the number of organizations and individuals seeking to download resumes for identity theft or to send spam is on the rise. Rothberg stated that had taken the proper security measures, but concedes that safeguarding information from legitimate companies, that may use the information to sell their products or services to job seekers, can be nearly impossible. “No [job] candidate wants to receive emails or phone calls from a stock broker who sees that the candidate makes a lot of money or is just entering a profession in which they will likely make a lot of money,” said Rothberg.



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