SAT vs ACT: Neither Required at Wake Forest University

June 11, 2008

SAT vs ACT shouldn’t be an issue at Wake Forest University in North Carolina starting with the 2009 semester because both are optional, which will make it one of the top universities with such a policy.

A college admissions’ representative at the university stated that they want to broaden the applicant pool for underrepresented groups. Instead of SAT and ACT scores, applicants would be judged on high-school performance, writing ability and personal character. Since nontraditional students have been out of high school for several years, it is unclear how they will be judged, although students can submit their scores if they choose to. The college admissions’ office also encourages personal interviews.

Wake Forest University based its decision on the fact that SAT and ACT scores don’t reflect the true ability of a student’s academic abilities. Many studies also suggest that SAT scores are linked to family income and one’s family education level. “While many top-tier universities are increasing their reliance on standardized testing in the admissions process, recent research suggests that standardized tests are not valuable predictors of college success,” said Wake Forest Provost Jill Tiefenthaler, the university’s chief academic officer.

Wake Forest University is a liberal arts college founded in 1834. They have 37 majors, with fewer than 7,000 college students enrolled at its university. Undergraduate tuition for the 2008-2009 school year can range from $36,560 to $47,550 (including room and board).


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