Guaranteed Job Placement at Thomas College

January 4, 2010

guaranteed job placement thomas collegeMany people are going back to college to retrain into other fields or to finish that degree that they started years ago. But does going back to college guarantee you job placement? If you go to Thomas College in Maine, it does.

Thomas College says they guarantee students a job after graduation or they will pay a student’s federal loans for up to six months, or a student can come back and take classes free of charge. The Guaranteed Job Placement Program is for students in the Bachelor’s of Arts or Sciences degree programs, and guarantees students jobs in their field of study. Thomas College does not have online degrees for its undergraduates. The student can work anywhere in the country, not just in Maine.

Even if a student finds a job, and decides that it’s not within their field of study, the student can still go back to Thomas College and take classes for up to two years without incurring tuition cost. Or, the student can take graduate courses, half of what it would take to get a Master’s degree.

To be eligible, students must graduate with a 2.75 GPA, take at least 90 credits at the college in the day time, complete an internship, work with the college’s career center and be in good financial standing with the college and student loans.

Thomas College totes that its guaranteed-job-placement program is one of a kind.

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