Robert Morris University Provides Free College Tuition for Military Vets

February 15, 2009

Robert Morris University (RMU) in Pennsylvania will provide free college tuition for U.S. military veterans under its Military Service Award.

The University will also open the RMU Veterans Education and Training Services Center (VETS Center), which will provide transitional services to vets and their families.

The post 9/11 G.I. Bill made veterans eligible for a subsidy for tuition that is equivalent to the highest tuition of any public institution in the state. Since the University is a private school, it will provide the Military Service Award to cover the difference in price for vets who want to attend its university as an undergraduate and graduate student. Spouses and dependants of military veterans may also qualify for the award.

“Since 9/11, thousands of veterans from western Pennsylvania have returned from deployment,” said RMU President Gregory G. Dell’Omo. “In this difficult economy, we want to remove barriers and give our best and brightest opportunities for private education that might not otherwise be available. Our goal is simple: give veterans the opportunity to get a private education and graduate with no debt, so the first paycheck they earn is all theirs.”

Robert Morris University currently has 130 veterans in its program. The private university was founded in 1921, with a current enrollment of 5,000 students. They have 60 undergraduate programs and 20 graduate programs.

For more information about its veteran program, visit or call Heather Jericho at (412) 397-3933 or via email at Jericho (at)


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