Online Education Solution Offers “Subscription-Style” Pricing for its Courses

September 26, 2008

StraighterLine, a new online education solution that provides college students with a way to obtain college credits for courses like college algebra and English composition through regionally accredited colleges and universities, has announced it will offer a new “subscription-style” pricing model for its courses.

StraighterLine offers four entry-level curriculum courses where credit can be awarded: College Algebra, English Composition, Economics I and Accounting I. More courses are planned for the future. Courses completed through the program can be awarded college credit by regionally accredited, partner colleges. Student-earned credits may also be transferred to non-partner colleges that recognize the StraighterLine’s partner’s courses as equivalent programs.

The “StraighterLine for $99″ program allows students to access all StraighterLine courses for only $99 per month, with no start-up costs and no minimum or maximum time limit for course completion. Students can select any one of its courses at a time. Upon completing a course, students may begin a new course with no additional costs.

“We are pleased to launch the ‘StraighterLine for $99′ program,” said StraighterLine CEO Burck Smith. “It provides another flexible and affordable alternative for students to participate in our program, and we believe it will encourage greater enrollment in our courses.”

The new program differs from the company’s regular pricing of $399 per course, each of which must be completed within six months. The chief advantage of “StraighterLine for $99″ over the normal cost is that for students who want to finish just one course in three months or less, the “subscription-style” model can save them $100 or more for an online college course.

For more information, visit or call 202-507-7020 or 1-877-str8erline (1-877-787-8375).



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