Legal Guns on College Campuses Bill Flop Nationwide

June 23, 2008

Gun lobbyists have not been very successful with a bill that would have allowed legal guns on college campuses to be carried by both professors and student alike.

The bill would have allowed students and staff to carry concealed handguns to college classes, but the bill has met rejection nationwide, although Utah has passed the bill. And in some states like Indiana, the bill fell through by only one vote.

“Arming college students is the wrong lesson to learn from Virginia Tech,” said Brady Campaign President Paul Helmke. “That tragedy teaches us that we need to strengthen background checks so that dangerous people like the mentally ill Virginia Tech shooter cannot buy guns in the first place.”

Those in favor of the bill stated that college students and staff shouldn’t be “sitting ducks,” waiting to be fired upon by someone who goes on a killing spree on college campuses. But Helmke stated that forcing school staff to carry guns on campus is a bad idea. He also stated that the organization was pleased that legislators who had previously supported the National Rifle Association (NRA) rejected the bill.


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