Make Money With Poker?

July 10, 2013

Many people today play poker at various online casino sites. By playing with real money, players have the opportunity to win money. For many of them this leads to the question is it possible to make money playing poker? This question is a bit more complex than one might think. Of course, the short answer is a resounding yes. For many professional poker players, their money is often won in poker tournaments. Some of these have rather high buy-ins which are typically not paid by the professional but rather a sponsor. However, amateur poker players at home do not have this kind of sponsorship.

Essentially to answer the question, any poker player with skill, dedication, a large bankroll and time to dedicate to the game, can indeed make money. However, many players at home simply do not have these. Given limited bankrolls, it is generally better for those playing at an online casino at home stick with smaller stakes. One reason for this is that when playing in poker games with higher stakes, the skill level of one’s opponents also increased exponentially. While opting for poker games with lower buy-ins, amateur players can still make money but not enough to play poker for their main livelihood.

Here are a few tips to avoid getting in debt when playing at an online casino:

Fun first; winning a bonus – Gambling at online casinos should be entertaining, a way to relax after work or a getaway from the stresses of life. View it as an alternative to a night out and budget your money accordingly. If you were going to the cinema instead you might budget £15, so if you decide to have a night at an online casino, do the same. Some days you’ll lose and some days you’ll win. Realise it was just like paying for a night out if you lose and treat yourself to something when you win.

Avoid chasing losses – If you lose the amount you’ve budgeted to spend (always an amount you can afford), don’t be tempted to try and win it back by gambling money you’ve set-a-side for other things. Accept the loss; you never know next time might be your lucky night.

Don’t play all night – Some players, especially new ones, often become caught up with the initial thrill and play for far too long. This can lead to neglecting other aspects of their lives, the temptation to gamble money they haven’t got, losing interest in the games and ultimately regret. It should always be fun, so play for as long as it remains so. Sure, the washing up is boring but it still needs doing.

Check out the rules – Every online casino has its own rules. So, whatever your game, check them out before you start playing. That way, you’re not running the risk of throwing money away on needless mistakes.