Socialization for Mature Students in College

College Student Eating a BurritoDespite being over 30 years old, you can still get caught up in the college life. How? Oh, say, frat parties and joining student clubs and forgetting that you’re actually there to learn. Use your head when socializing in college. Student clubs can be hands-on, so your studies may suffer. You’ve still got house chores. You may have to run home every night by five o’clock to pick up your child from the babysitter or throw a pot roast into the microwave.

The image to the left is an actual student photo (taken with my camera phone) of one of my “peers” in college. He decided to stuff his lunch into his mouth, all at once. I decided to obscure his face, so he can get a job after college.

Visiting the school cafeteria, or other public place in the school, might create a sense of belonging for nontraditional students without joining student clubs. Even for us older folks, feeling isolated for the next couple of years helps no one, although I sat in the cafeteria a few times and students walked right by me like a solicitor handing out flyers for a toaster oven give-a-way.


“I’m very social, but haven’t found too many people to socialize with on a regular basis. Mostly, it seems like everyone [in college] is trying to get in and get out; they have other outside things they must take care of that doesn’t allow too much socialization outside of or in between classes.” - Lana, 34 year old college student, Chicago

Good Karma With The Professor

So say you’ve found a great professor that you’d have sworn was hired just for you: You love their teaching style; you’ve aced all of their exams; and he or she can’t get enough of reading your essays. Somebody loves you up there! You’ve already decided to take every class this professor offers at the college. You want smooth sailing, and with them, there are no bumpy roads ahead. This is good, right? Wrong.

It’s great to have good karma with your professor. In fact, moments like these make all the troll teachers crawl back into the hole in which they came. As you might have already figured out, each professor has different teaching styles. But their knowledge is limited to their experiences and training. In other words, they only know so much and they’re teaching you only what they know. Branch out and experience what other professors have to offer. You might learn something new along the way.


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