The Other Nightmare: Algebra for College Students

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Fig. 3 is a doozey; the “X” has a coefficient. But don’t panic! You are in control. Numbers don’t control you. The same steps apply. Remember, you can cross-multiply the remaining numbers.

college algebra tutorial



The college algebra tutorial presented is just to get your feet wet with algebra, again. I haven’t covered multiplication, division, lowest common factors, square roots, trinomials (eek!) and a host of other mathematical problems.

The Cliff’s Notes Algebra I guide will explain them all in detail. I am no college math wizard–I’ll save that for the math experts–but most likely, you will have to take at least one math class to earn your college degree.






• When creating the sum of two or more positive numbers, add the numbers and give it a positive algebra tutorial Reverse the process for negative numbers.

• When creating the sum of negative and positive numbers, subtract the numbers and the sum takes the sign of the highest number. In Fig. 4, 10 is the highest number.


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