What to Wear in College?

What a College Student Shouldn't WearThe beauty of youth is that most young students accept just about everyone, as long as you don’t resemble their parents. So will you look like their parents with what you decide to wear to college?

If you’re clueless about what clothes to wear in college, it’s time to update your wardrobe. You can start by visiting our college clothing store. And since you’re older, most likely you won’t have a similar cash-flow problem like younger students. Though keep in mind, this will be a new expense, one that neither you nor your spouse had anticipated. You will need at least $200 to get decent clothes for college. I’ve managed to put together a hit list of what to look out for, making your transition smoother.


How Not to be Cool With College School Clothes
  • Wearing 70s or 80s fashions in college is a sure fire way to send young, budding students fleeing in the opposite direction, even though updated versions are coming back, just not original materials. Your old clothes can get a second life on EBay and should! Suppose you can’t afford a new wardrobe, take some money and shop on EBay or in our college apparel store for nontraditional students. You can always spread this fee out and buy one to two outfits at a time.
  • Stay away from low-rise jeans–unless you want everyone sitting behind you to check out your butt cleavage. Guys, this should be understood. But I’ll say it anyway, no hip-huggers for men either. Did you get a vivid image in your mind’s eye just like I did? Never mind.
  • “Easy-Fit” jeans will make you look like a mom or a pop, not a student–not to mention it’ll make you look like you’re smuggling books in there. Comfort is key, but sacrificing fashion for it is a crime against humanity! It you must wear “easy” anything, then go for straight or boot leg denims. These cut styles will certainly hide saddlebags with the straight cuts. Oh, and guys, please place your pants at your natural waist, not your chest, thank you.
  • Hushpuppies and Easy Spirit shoes are for the office, not a college environment. These shoes scream: I’m a mature age student going back to school. Not only that, I’ve managed to make a dork of myself! Is that the message you’d like to honk? Shoes that are far more comfortable exist that don’t attach themselves to house pets. Loafers, not the penny kind, are okay or you can never go wrong with sneakers. For the ladies, up-to-date flats with arch support insoles are always safe because backpacks and stilettos don’t mix. You’re going to be one hauling jackass.
  • Are you a hippie? You might just fit right in! The hippie style is relaxed without trying too hard. Many college students are right at home in jeans and t-shirts, although tie-dye shirts might be somewhat of a rarity.
The Bare Necessities
  • Blue eyeshadow is a definite no-no because your eyelids are not where they used to be. Ahem, mature age students should stick to earthy tones. The rule of thumb is the less make-up you wear, the younger you’ll look.
  • Wear your nails short and natural if you can bear it. There won’t be much time for primping. Plus, week-old nail polish wouldn’t exactly make you the pillar of the college community, although it might raise your caste level with the kids who wear black lipstick.
  • For men, a mustache is okay, but it can make you look up to 10 years older. So, say, you want to nab a 20-something-year-old college student. If you’re single, it’s time to donate that wooly mammoth to science with a razor.
  • Mohawks and mullets are optional, but big Texas hair and Jerri Curls are not. Do you see where this is going?
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