TOEFL Test: The Test of English as a Foreign Language

For those individuals, whose native language is not English, there is an assessment test offered to measure one’s proficiency of the English language, the TOEFL test. The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is offered to those around the world in order to determine how well that person would communicate in the English language. Many students take the TOEFL in order show their fluency level in English to the colleges and universities they may be applying to. The TOEFL not only assesses students, but many businesses and companies worldwide use this test for their employees for the same reason.

The TOEFL primarily focuses on how one would effectively communicate in English in an academic setting. It is essential for a student, for example, to get their ideas across clearly and concisely, especially while engaging with other students or professors. Not only is it important to express oneself verbally, but also to understand spoken and written English as well is a necessity to succeed at a college or university level. Students need to be able to research and write papers, if one does not understand the language, their academic progress is hindered. The TOEFL assesses the students overall understanding of the language (reading, listening, speaking and writing in English) and gives them an indication on how well they may succeed at a higher education institution.

The TOEFL is comprised of four sections, on which the following areas of the English language are tested: listening, reading, speaking and writing. The test takes approximately four and a half hours to complete with a small break in the middle. One has a time limit of 100 minutes for the reading section, 90 minutes for the listening section, 20 minutes for speaking and 50 minutes for the writing section.

The TOEFL score range is from zero to 300 points. The test taker’s scores are posted online approximately 15 days after taking the exam. Then, the test results are mailed to them and their institutions they have previously selected. The scores are valid for two years. If one is not pleased with their scores, it is possible to take the exam again. There are free materials and other materials for purchase that prepare test takers for the TOEFL.

There are multiple testing centers around the world where the TOEFL is offered. Depending on the center, the TOEFL test is available in two formats: the Internet-based Test (IBT) or the Paper-based Test (PBT). The cost of the test also varies depending on where one takes the exam. Currently, it cost about $170.00 US dollars to take the TOEFL in the United States. In order to register for the TOEFL exam, applying online is the most convenient way. One must bring valid identification to the testing center in order to be admitted to take the TOEFL. Good-luck!

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