University of Phoenix Launches New College of Criminal Justice and Security

December 6, 2010

University of Phoenix today announced the opening of the College of Criminal Justice and Security – a field-of-study and employment sector with an average projected growth of 10 percent by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The new College will help meet the country’s increasing demand for these professionals by providing associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degrees programs with a unique focus on the skills needed for leadership roles.

“Over the next decade, the United States is facing a potential shortage of criminal justice and security professionals,” said James J. Ness, Ph.D., dean of the new college. “As a result of both macro- and micro-economic impacts such as terrorism, globalization, high turnover among corrections officers, and a growing prison population, we need criminal justice and security professionals who demonstrate strong leadership and administrative skills in law enforcement, corrections, criminal courts and security.”

The University’s criminal justice and security degree programs have been under the purview of its College of Social Sciences. Establishing the new College of Criminal Justice and Security improves the University’s capacity for meeting the growing demand for these professionals in both the public and private sectors.

The College’s degree programs are designed to enhance the administrative skills needed to succeed in leadership roles within the criminal justice and security sector. Classes are led by faculty who have an average of nearly 20 years of experience in the field and hold leadership positions such as chiefs of police, wardens, district attorneys, security executives, probation officers and sheriffs.

Dr. Ness continued, “Safety and security are top-of-mind for both public agencies and corporations today and will continue to be at the forefront of organizations’ priorities in the future. Tomorrow’s leaders in criminal justice and security — whether they represent law enforcement, criminal courts, corrections, public services, or organizational security — will influence how information is shared across agencies and how best to ensure the safety and security of people and assets. This is why a well-educated work force is needed in fields related to criminal justice – and why it has now become an urgent national priority.”

University of Phoenix Provost, Adam Honea, Ph.D. said, “The University is extremely fortunate that Dr. Ness will be leading the new College of Criminal Justice and Security as its founding dean. His impressive career credentials in the criminal justice and security field, and his experience as a University faculty member in both traditional higher education and in online learning with University of Phoenix, will serve our students well.”

Dr. Honea continued, “Not only is Dr. Ness dedicated to the University and its students, but his intellectual vision and strong leadership within the academic mission of the University, and his demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching, will further shape our timely programs and current curriculum. Under Dr. Ness’ guidance, University of Phoenix’s criminal justice and security graduates can prepare for the challenges they face as leaders in an increasingly complex world – one where our sophisticated and progressive administrative-focused curriculum is applied by knowledgeable professionals who continually establish new and improved standards for the safety and security of all citizens in our global society.”

The University of Phoenix Criminal Justice and Security programs focus on law enforcement, courts, institutional and community corrections, and security. Concentrations are offered in management, human services and institutional health care. Its programs are available online and at nearly 50 University of Phoenix campuses across the U.S.