Nontraditional Student Forum Launched at

July 10, 2008

nontraditional student forum at StudentsOver30.comThe Nontraditional Student Forum (message board) is now open to the public. Older students who are thinking about going back to college, or going to college for the first time, can get advice and moral support from their peers.

“’s goal is to provide nontraditional students with balanced information, so they can make informed choices about whether or not they want to go back to college, ” said Brie Hart, founder and editor-in-chief of “The nontraditional student online forum will be an extension of that, providing a safe haven for older students to gather and swap information and resources.”

Sections in the nontraditional students forum include the challenges and benefits of going back to college; college homework help where nontraditional students can get help from their peers; career talk, and family life and education, to name a few. When asked if she would participate often in the nontraditional student forum, Hart said, “Of course. I’m a nontraditional student myself and there is strength in numbers. Besides, who else would get excited about the fact that I finally passed algebra?”

To visit the forum, go to